When Should You Contact Us?

You should contact us if:

  • Your family has just begun to help an elderly individual and needs direction about available services. 

  • The person you care for has limited or no family support. 

  • The person you care for has multiple medical or psychological issues. 

  • The person you care for is unable to live safely in his/her current environment. 

  • The person you care for is not pleased with current care providers and requires advocacy and change.

  • The person you care for is confused about his/her own financial and/or legal situation. 

  • You live at a distance from your loved one. 

  • Your family is either “burnt out” or confused about care solutions. 

  • Your family has limited time and/or expertise in dealing with your loved ones’ chronic care needs.

  • Your family is at odds regarding care decisions.

  • Your family needs education and/or direction in dealing with behaviors associated with dementia.

How Much Will It Cost?


Our geriatric care management (GCM) services are private-pay and billed at a rate of $200.00 per hour. Medicare does not cover GCM services, and we do not accept Medicaid.  Depending on individual policies, some long-term care (LTC) policies will cover the cost (in part or in whole) of GCM services.  Please check with your LTC company regarding your policy prior to scheduling an appointment.

Who We Help


  • Disabled or infirm older adults without nearby relatives.

  • Older adults who need help with everyday tasks, but don't require nursing care.

  • Patients suffering from dementia or alzheimer's disease.

  • Older adults who wish to live in a retirement community.

We Are Here For You


Call, write or visit

whatever the need.


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