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Senior Care Services

Eldercare Consultation

Our care managers will assess medical, physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs. A consultation is a great opportunity for our expert care managers to identify, understand, and assess current concerns as well as long-term needs. Consultations are available in your home, in our office, or over the phone. 

Care Plan Recommendations

Our care managers will provide recommendations on living facilities, nursing homes, or in-home nurses as well as aid in transition based on your assessment and individual needs. We also help in finding the best doctors, specialists, and caregivers for the patient. Overall, we provide referrals to medical, legal, community, and financial resources we believe would benefit the patient.

Home Care Services Management and Supervision

We offer guidance on finding the right in-home care service for the patient whether it be a responsible companion, home health aide, or a higher level of care. Our care managers can make regular visits to the patient's home to help the caregiver as well as supervise their work to ensure the patient is receiving optimal care and treatment. Geriatric Care Consultants has extensive experience working with and providing in-home resources for individuals with complex medical needs, Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia.

Your Partner in the Community

Our care managers advocate for and assist patients and their families through the often confusing world of eldercare. We work with local resources, such as attorneys familiar with aged care, to connect families with helpful services, providers, and groups. Additionally, we aid in locating and securing state and federal entitlement and benefit programs so that the patient and family have all financial help available.

In-Home Support

We provide weekly home visits to supervise home health aides, fill medication boxes, arrange for refills, accompany patients to doctors’ appointments, schedule home repairs, and help with anything else the patient needs to live safely at home. Our care managers also offer communication and regular updates for the family.

Relocation Assistance

Our care managers continuously assess the best living condition for the patient, as this may change over time. Whether the individual plans to transition to an assisted living facility, a nursing home, or another state closer to family, Geriatric Care Consultants will help plan, organize, and complete the move, keeping in the mind the patient's (and family's) emotional and physical wellbeing throughout the process. As a member of the Aging Life Care® Association, we are part of a national network of life care managers. If the patient moves away from Westchester, New York, we will find another conscientious care manager to take over.

Mental Health Care

Care managers will identify any mental health concerns the individual struggles with such as depression, anxiety, paranoia and any other mental/emotional disabilities/disorders and direct them to our psychotherapist. At Geriatric Care Consultants, we understand the important of mental health and provide counseling and therapy sessions to ensure the patient and family are taken care of in all aspects.


Holistic Approach

Care centered around

the individual

Emergency Counsel

There for you no matter the circumstances

National Standards

Aging Life Care® 

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Local Experts

Easing minds of family afar.


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